EASE - An Educational Opportunity for Learning

Education is the #1 Predictor for Success

Ensuring your child receives a quality education is one of the most important responsibilities of parenting. Traditional brick and mortar schools are wonderful settings for many kids. However, not every child learns at the same pace, in the same way and on the same day. The EASE program is a perfect solution for students who need greater flexibility or adjustments in rigor than the traditional classroom environment offers. There are many reasons for why some parents choose to homeschool their children. Some students have demanding schedules involving sports, acting, dance, etc. and need a school schedule that accommodates those demands. Other students are homeschooled because parents desire greater influence and involvement in their learning, while others are homeschooled because the traditional setting is not conducive to reaching their maximum potential. Some of our students have health issues or have experienced bullying that caused them to lose the desire to attend a traditional school. Whatever the reason, homeschool can be and often is the perfect fit.

Our blended program is a mix of online learning and teacher support. All lessons are outlined in a daily calendar, academic materials are provided and teacher support is available throughout the day, Monday - Friday. All teachers are credentialed and highly qualified with many years of experience in both homeschool as well as the traditional classroom. Our curriculum is Common Core standards based provided by FuelEducation K12.