About EASE

What is EASE?
The Etiwanda School District is proud to offer an online learning progam for K-8 students who are seeking flexible, individualized education for the 2016/2017 school year.  EASE stands for the Etiwanda Alternative Studies Education program.  This online program offers our students a high-quality, tuition-free-alternative to the traditional classroom-based learning experience through personalized instruction from state-certified teachers.  This exciting program provides the structure, administrative support, oversight, accountability, and state testing required of all public schools, though it enables students to learn at home, on the road, or wherever an internet connection can be found.  Daily lessons, teacher interaction, and attendance are conducted online, while many lessons use physical materials and offline tools as well.  Our program uses award-winning curriculum provided by K12 Inc. and FuelEd, the nation’s largest provider of online school programs for students in kindergarten through high school.  K12 and FuelEd have provided curriculum, technology tools, and instruction and support services to more than 2,000 school districts across the United States.  EASE students will interact with one or more state-certified teachers and communicate regularly with their teachers through email, telephone, and online meetings.  In addition, weekly/monthly networking opportunities are provided through various events and open lab hours enabling the entire school community to keep in close contact.

EASE is a long-term independent study that requires a commitment to stay in our program for the duration of the school year once enrolled.  Our students have transferred from schools within the Etiwanda School District and from surrounding districts.  EASE students do the majority of their school work in the home setting with the help of a parent or other adult in the home.

The Essence of EASE
• Students must complete 60% or more of the assigned work in each subject area.  Working from home, students use the K12.com curriculum and access lessons online. Once enrolled, lesson plans are immediately in place so students know exactly what to expect in advance.

• Students and parents have the support of credentialed teachers at EASE.  If there is a particular subject in which a parent is not comfortable with their ability to help the child, EASE teachers are availabel to help.

• Students may work any time of any day. Online lessons are available 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

• EASE provides individualized learning. Students have the flexibilty to begin their assignments and quizzes when they are ready to do so.  Students may adjust their learning to allow for review as well as working ahead when they are able.

EASE Essentials for Success
• Dedication to completing 60% or more of assigned work in each subject area (Math, Language Arts, Science and History) while enrolled in EASE.

• EASE families must have a reliable computer and internet access.  A printer is helpful but not required.   The EASE computer lab is available for 2 two-hour slots per day, Monday- Thursday. Middle school students may stay without parent supervision. Parents with children in grades k-5 must attend lab hours with their child if they choose to use it.

• The Learning Coach must be available to teach, help with, and/or check on their student’s daily lessons. Daily Learning Coach and student interaction is essential for all children to succeed. With a dedicated Learning Coach and a credentialed EASE teacher, the EASE student is poised for success.

Those who enroll their child in EASE do so for a number of reasons, but all who do agree they want what is best for their children.   EASE is an Etiwanda School District program offering the same rigor and quality instruction available to all Etiwanda students.  Parents choose EASE because they know it is the best learning environment in which their child can grow.