How do EASE students and Learning Coaches receive support from the EASE Supervising Teacher?

Monday through Thursdays, the EASE computer lab/classroom is available for students to use.  During this time your child’s EASE Supervising Teacher is available to provide help on the topics that are proving difficult.  Students can come to the classroom to work even if extra help is not needed.  Sometimes students just want to work in an environment  other than home.  Middle school students may be checked in and dropped off, while elementary parents are required to stay as long as they visit the classroom.

What accreditation does the EASE program have?

EASE is a tuition-free program offered through the Etiwanda School District.  We have the same accreditations and high academic standards as all of the schools within the Etiwanda School District.  Our curriculum, provided by K12 Inc., is aligned with the California Common Core State Standards, and all of our teachers are highly qualified and credentialed through the state of California.  

Do students follow the Etiwanda School District's calendar or do you customize the student's calendar to meet their specific needs?

We are not able to customize the school-year calendar.  However, within the school-year calendar, there is great flexibility with regard to when and how the work gets completed.  Although our program is very rigorous, some of our students are able to complete the curriculum within a shorter period of time than that dictated by the calendar.  If a student completes an entire grade level before the end of the school year, they may begin working on the next grade level.

How are the needs of students with learning disabilities accommodated?

If your child is on an IEP, we will provide an hour of academic support with our Resource Specialist each week.   The Resource Specialist also consults with the teacher on a weekly basis.  The K12 curriculum is designed to challenge the highest performing students and can be modified to meet the needs of each individual student.  We may modify the curriculum by adjusting the number of assignments required and which components are required for completion.   The EASE program provides services to students through the Resource program, but, at this time, we are not able to accommodate those needing SDC services.

What if my child is not vaccinated?

If you have chosen to not vaccinate your child,  Etiwanda Homeschool respects that decision.  Our teachers have arranged to meet with uninoculated students at our district office where they will receive the same high quality instructional support as all Etiwanda Homeschool students.

Who is the Learning Coach and what does he/she do?

The Learning Coach is the adult in the home dedicated to instructing, monitoring and encouraging their EASE student.  He/she needs to be available to provide time to the student to see that the student understands the work that is before them and that it is completed in a timely manner.  Student and Learning Coach meet weekly with the EASE supervising teacher to discuss progress and provide samples of work as evidence of student work completion.

Can parents preview the materials?

Yes. You may come to our site and preview the materials and see sample lesson plans online.  

How are tests, quizzes and standarized assessments given?

Online assessments that are part of the curriculum are done online at home.  All interim benchmark assessments and the SBAC assessment will be administered here at our site.  We also offer three iReady assessments to provide additional measures for growth.  We encourage all of our students to participate in the state’s SBAC assessment.

What programs for socialization are available?

As part of our blended learning program, we offer lab hours Monday – Thursday.  In addition, we have Friday with Friends activities each week for grade level groups. Parents may choose to form study groups as well.

Do the students have access to the same afterschool programs as students in a traditional school?

Yes.  All of our students are eligible to participate in band class and afterschool classes or activities at either their school of residence or Summit Intermediate School.  Our out-of-district students are eligible to participate as well at Summit Intermediate School.